This past Sunday Mike Young, Outreach Coordinator for Northern IL for AMIRF had his first Mothers Against Addiction Disease (MAAD) support group.

This group allows mothers who have been impacted by heroin to share their story and offer support to those who may be needing it.

“Literally tears falling from my eyes seeing the turnout for our first Mother’s Against Addiction Disease Support Group. The mother’s of this community ravaged by heroin epidemic needed a voice and support. Just grateful to be of service to my Community and so grateful for Katherine “Kate” Anderson’s commitment to help them. Not only helping one addict at a time but families too,” said Young on his Facebook page.

The group is facilitated by Katherine “Kate’ Anderson every Sunday at 1:00pm at the AMIRF satellite office in Ringwood Illinois. Anderson has a masters degree in community counseling and psychology, and has also lived through the horrors of addiction after losing her son to a heroin overdose.

Whether you have lost a loved one or not to addiction, the disease devastates families and its effects can be felt for years. However, with the help of groups such as Al-Anon or MAAD, communities and grieving families are able to find support and guidance with those who have suffered through similar heartbreak.

Al-Anon works with the families of addicts to understand the 3C’s

  • We didn’t cause it – it is not our fault that the other person drinks, it is their private battle
  • We can’t control it – we have no power over the other person’s desire to drink
  • We can’t cure it – it is an illness that cannot be cured through any known medical remedies

The organization also helps families understand that addiction is no different then diabetes, or cancer in that we are completely powerless over it.

These concepts are essential to understand if you or your loved ones are working to heal from the damage addiction has done to your family. Just like the addict, family and loved ones also require some form of treatment or recovery. This will allow them to begin healing from the damage done by addiction.

If you would like more information about MAAD please contact Mike Young at 815 585 6797. You may also find Al-anon meetings through this website.

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