After a full week of spreading awareness about the dangers of of addiction, I am filled with hope that we are making strides in helping people better understand this disease that has taken so many from us.

AMIRF is infinitely thankful to all those who donated their time and/or money to this fight that continues to rage on. All funds donated  to AMIRF are put directly into the foundation to help those in need. We could not do what we do today without your help.

With so much negativity today, it is difficult not to be discouraged. However, there are glimmers of hope in the dismal darkness of this opiate epidemic. There are so many people joining the solution and fighting to end this epidemic. We have the Surgeon General publicly addressing the issue, we have brave celebrities such as Brandon Novak stepping forward and offering hope,  we even have an overdose awareness day.

No one has to feel alone anymore.

Because of the work and courage of so many people, others are able to open up and realize they are part of something so much bigger then themselves. We are so thankful to anyone on our Facebook page who decides to share their struggles, stories and for reaching out for help.

Keep the conversation going, change is happening.


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One thought on “From the botom of our hearts, thank you

  1. Tim spoke at my daughter, Rhianon’s high school Friday which was also her 18th birthday. She was the student who also spoke. I wish I could have been there. I’m so proud of her! Thank you!

    She mentioned there was taping done of the event? Can I find this somewhere? I’m also an RN at a substance abuse facility. What you are doing is amazing & kudos to you for spreading the word!

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