Addiction steals things.

It steals our happiness, our best friends and a lot of times, our hope for a better life.

We say that we bring addicts from dope to hope, but what does that even mean? How can we be brought to hope when we have almost nothing left?

I typed in “what is hope” into Google. I don’t know what I was hoping to find, a dictionary definition, a blog post similar to this one, all I know is I was not satisfied with what popped up.

To see the meaning of something as elusive and profound as hope crammed into a few words just didn’t feel right.

I believe that hope is not just a word, it is a presence can be found anywhere in anything. But that doesn’t make hope easy. It doesn’t just fall from the sky into your lap.

Finding hope requires an openness, a willingness to accept it in ways you may not have thought possible.

Whether your hope comes from finally getting your butt to an AA meeting, a humbling phone call from a person who has been there, or the fact that you are still alive, hope is everywhere if you allow yourself to look for it.

I find hope in my pot of coffee in the morning. The fact that I woke up and had the motivation to do something to make myself feel better gives me hope. I find hope when I have no shame about wearing my “Heroin Kills” shirt around my college campus and do not experience any sort of resentment.

Sometimes, you may not be able to find hope on your own. You may need someone to guide you towards realizing that hope still exists for you, and that is okay. Hope will always be waiting for you.

Just allow yourself to be present for it.


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