AMIRF Tim Ryan and Banyan Treatment Center Chicago’s Suzette Papadakis on Recovery Radio

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One thought on “AMIRF Tim Ryan and Banyan Treatment Center Chicago’s Suzette Papadakis on Recovery Radio


    The government is ignoring the fact that all groups against drugs have united as one voice to issue a state of medical emergency for Ohio threw Cincinnati heroin awareness page to call in national guardsecurity to open tents to detox over 500 that are waiting in 4 county’s for inpatient treatment from this disease,that doesn’t include 1,313 from 4 other county’s and that doesn’t include the 5000 waiting north of Ohio, The medical state of emergency is for all of Ohio,our cops are getting killed trying to stop this in Ohio, government doesn’t want to issue this for they will have to come up off of there 2 billion dollar rainy funds money, they’d rather Obama issue it to BOH, There isn’t enough room for veterans, homeless, medicaid clients been waiting since 2013 to get into inpatient treatment, WELL look where we are in 2016,all jails are releasing inmates ordered by judges,jail till inpatient bed opens,look what happened in Hamilton County Justice Center, they released 400 inmates and 3 days later our cops,fire departments and ambulances are taking the heat,then they take to hospital and released to do all over again, when is it gonna stop,my son is dead because of the way the jails and government are handling it,so ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, IT’S PORING IN OHIO, BRING IN THE NATIONAL GUARDS AND TAKE OUR TOWNS BACK WITH THROWING AWAY THE KEY ON THESE DEALERS,US TAX PAYERS THAT FINANCE THIS STATE IS DONE WAITING ON U. OHIO NEEDS MEDICAL STATE OF EMERGENCY BEFORE ANYONE GETS ELECTED TO KILL OUR STATE

    Do you all in Cincinnati Ohio right now that no matter if you’re bond is 5000$ they are releasing for over crowded of Hamilton County Justice Center, we’ve had 5 people arrested, taken in for warrants, threat to themselves,
    Pasted out or just O’DED,saved by narcan,all released for overcrowding, they have released 500 inmates from Jail since 172 overdoses.

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