Addiction has certainly been in the news lately.

Whether it is a viral photo of parents overdosing in the same car as their children, or a video of a child attempting to move their mother who had passed out from an overdose, the situation can look pretty bleak. However, we need to use these recent events as reminders of how essential recovery is.

Addiction is a dark place. And when an individual is in the thick of their disease, mistakes are made. This creates a vicious cycle of using drugs to avoid the pain of bad decisions, then making bad decisions because of your use. However, the cycle does not have to continue, and if you allow yourself the gift of recovery, you CAN make it out alive.


Being able to wake up in the morning with a clear head, make yourself a cup of coffee and not worry about where your next hit will come from, is just one of the small but glorious pleasures of sobriety.

Re-finding old hobbies or athletics, such as water skiing or running, or being able to take a breath of fresh air and watching the sun rise. All of these are possible when you decide to take the leap of faith and go on a journey to sobriety.

Recovery is also not easy.

There will always be temptations and cravings and wanting to run back to the excitement of ripping and running.

But you will find excitement in other things, like the birds singing in the morning, or feeling your body grow healthier and stronger every day. You may also find it in your heart to help others find the gift of sobriety, as many at AMIRF have.

Recovery is possible, it does not suck and we are here for you if you want to see the other side. Because this time, the grass is definitely greener.




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