As 2017 comes around the corner, a lot of us are making New Years resolutions. 

Whether it’s to lose a couple pounds, quit smoking or to start and/or continue on your road to recovery, a new year always seems like a great time to start. 

But what are you willing to do for your resolution? What are you willing to do for your recovery? 

When difficult times fall upon you, are you going to reach out to your sponsor? Or are you going to reach for a drink? 

Are you willing to make amends to those you have hurt or wronged in the past? Are you willing to clean your side of the street, even though that may not fix everything? 

Recovery does not suck, but it is also not a cake walk. And there are times where you will be uncomfortable. 

But you need to be willing to walk through those times, and reach out to those who want the best for you to get you through it. 

If you are willing to put in the work, we are willing to guide and direct you to places that can get you there. 

Recovery does not suck, and there is so much hope. Happy New Years from A Man in Recovery Foundation and please reach out to us if you need help on your journey to recovery. 

Darek Horan (630)-730-8323

Ashley Buffano (847)-361-0422

Tim Ryan (312)-502-8671

Chris Reed (847) 307-1143

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