We at AMIRF are fighting a battle against addiction. And unfortunately, as with any fight, there are casualties.

Since his son passed on Aug. 1, 2014, the founder and CEO of AMIRF, Tim Ryan, has attended 103 funerals.

The incredible weight of the opiate epidemic in this country is not lost on us at AMIRF. But we still wake up every morning, put on our armor and continue to fight the good fight.

There is hope for recovery.

There are people in this world that are fighting for you and your family.

So, we urge you to not give up hope. Yes, the sting of so many losses in our community can almost be unbearable. But we must remember that there are people who make it out of this disease alive. There are people that win this battle.

If you or someone you love is looking to be guided and directed towards help, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you for continuing to help us in the fight.

Darek Horan (630)-730-8323
Ashley Buffano (847)-361-0422
Tim Ryan (312)-502-8671
Chris Reed (847) 307-1143

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