Foundation Vision & Mission

The primary mission of A Man in Recovery Foundation is to help heroin and opiate addicts and their families. We believe the most effective approach is to help one addict at a time, guiding that person to see a life from dope to hope.

We focus on awareness, prevention, community outreach, resources and local forums. We will also work with state and federal lawmakers to get more funds for treatment and to achieve changes in laws based around addiction in our state and nationwide.

11696332_429582670554797_3895913474417992359_oWe will offer intervention referral services at no cost to the family, run opiate support groups for both addicts and families, offer aftercare services and sober coaching. We will participate in speaking engagements, educational programs, consult with local and nationwide treatment centers, and offer discounted treatment services for those who cannot afford them. Further, if a family loses a loved one due to an overdose, we will unhesitatingly provide that family with emotional support, courage and other necessities during their devastating time in need.

A Man in Recovery’s future vision includes a sober living facility for opiate addicts. We would like this to be either in the local community or far enough outside the city to provide a secluded, private, peaceful environment for recovering addicts. The facility will offer a 12- to 18-month program that partners with local businesses to offer job training, education and life skills. Mental health counseling, anger management programs and parenting skills will also be provided on an as-needed basis. Men and women will be housed separately, but may come together for certain recovery programs and skills training.

This sober living facility will be a unique model, envisioned by Tim Ryan, and serve as a low-cost alternative to aid in the building of a foundation that offers addicts a newfound chance at leading a sober, happy and productive life.