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Looking to run — or support runners — in the Naperville Half Marathon?

Contact Cliff for more info on how you can sponsor or run on behalf of A Man In Recovery Foundation! View this webpage for more details on the race.

Donate Today!

A Man in Recovery Foundation has a vibrant short-term and long-term vision, but we cannot achieve them without YOUR help. We raise donations from individuals and corporations interested in helping those suffering the devastating effects of opiates and other substances, and every dollar goes to their treatment and care. Your contribution may help fund treatment costs, transportation to a treatment center, sober living expenses, or an urgent need for family members in crisis as they attempt to help their loved ones into proper care. We also hold fund-raising events that create awareness. Please consider using the Donate button below to easily make a donation through PayPal… credit cards are accepted as well:

**Update 12/15/17: Please note if you are making a donation specifically for the Save A Life project to provide life-saving Narcan to those in need, mark your donation as “SAL”

Or you can send a check made out to:
121 N. Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540

No donation is too small or too large. We are grateful for whatever support you can provide. Thank you for your support of A Man in Recovery Foundation!

Make a Pledge Donation

While we receive contributions through our Donate Now function from individuals interested in helping suffering heroin and opiate addicts – with every dollar going to their treatment and care – we need larger and ongoing contributions to help us realize our long-term goal of creating a unique sober living community.

To that end, won’t you consider making a Pledge – in your name or in honor of your loved one – and spreading your payments over a comfortable period of time? We know it’s not easy to put your hands on a large sum of money, but payments made over time may be easier and will surely bolster our existing services and sober-living dream.

All of our generous Pledge Donors will be listed on our website as such (if you prefer anonymity, please note that in your form submission).

Just complete the Pledge Form:

PDF icon Pledge Form

and mail or scan/email it to:

121 N. Washington Street
Naperville, IL 60540