Tim Ryan: Riveting Drug Speaker, A&E’s “Dope Man,” and National Thought Leader on the Opioid Epidemic

Tim Ryan, Highly Sought After for His Passion & Expertise

“Tim has that unique ability to communicate with people in a way that I have not seen before. I was blown away, because I have coached in the community for 17 years…I had zero idea about the [drug] epidemic we are facing in our small community.” —hospital leader

“With more than 2,100 students at each assembly, you could hear a pin drop during Tim Ryan’s message.” —school superintendent

Tim Ryan is a tireless activist with a gift of speaking to the real solutions in the opioid epidemic—and inspiring change in the hearts of addicts.

Tim unravels addiction by addressing the entire community. He works tirelessly to build awareness, tools, and lasting change in every group touched by addiction—corporations, community members, healthcare providers, law enforcers, legislators, policy makers, parents, teachers, administrators,  and more.

Tim is not just another talking head on the subject. He lost nearly everything to heroin—including his own son. It was in prison that he found recovery—and a passion to help others. Today, he is one of the nation’s most in-demand consultants and speakers and experts on the topic of addiction—and a tireless activist for recovery. As the voice of hope in the opioid epidemic, Tim is a regular subject on national media, a Global Goodwill Ambassador, and was an invited guest to the State of the Union address. Visit below to learn more:

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