From Dope to Hope: A Man in Recovery

Heroin didn’t make Tim a better person. It stole more than half of his life. But he’s dedicated every waking minute since walking out of prison to dealing hope to addicts and their families. Known as “The Hope Dealer,” Tim’s story chronicles his grueling journey into addiction, loss, and recovery.  Sit with Tim in his prison cell.  Walk with him as loved ones are torn from his reach. Rejoice with him as lives are miraculously recovered.

  • As a business leader in a high-tech industry, Tim made and lost millions.
  • As a father and husband, Tim introduced his own son to deadly drugs.
  • As a heroin addict, Tim overdosed eight times, was pronounced clinically dead three, and suffered two minor heart attacks.
  • He’s was arrested more than 10 times and served prison time alongside known gang leaders – many of whom have become his closest confidants in recovery.

By his own account, Tim Ryan shouldn’t be here. But as he states,

“Where there is life, there is hope.”

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