Below are sample topics. Please note that all of Tim’s topics can be customized to your event theme and audience needs. Tim regularly speaks for and consults corporations (HR, leadership), medical and behavioral health groups, law enforcement and judicial systems, first responders and disaster prevention, community groups, recovery and treatment centers, schools (students, administration, faculty, and parents), and more. He has a rare gift of reaching audiences of diverse ages, backgrounds, and industries. Contact Tim’s team today to discuss bringing his message of hope to your group. Click Here to Download Flyer About Tim Ryan’s Speaking (easy to share by email or hard copy).

From Dope to Hope

In the wake of his son’s death and his own crippling heroin addiction, Tim has dedicated his life to helping others find recovery. Tim’s inspirational story has compelled countless addicts to get the help they need, as well as educate audiences of all types on what causes heroin and other addictions, and how to find and engage in recovery and long-term sobriety. Tim’s moving motivational speech, From Dope to Hope™, chronicles his harrowing experience as a troubled addict who sold drugs to his own son and his son’s friends, his incarceration, and his life today–which includes his own journey in recovery and serving others. As Tim so convincingly says, “We’re helping one addict at a time move from dope to hope!” Discover:

  • The signs and spiraling dangers of addiction
  • Avenues for immediate treatment and recovery
  • How to apply sustainable hope and sobriety

The Hidden Addiction in Our Workplace

(Alternate title: The Hidden Addiction in Our Community, School, Etc.)

As a former high-tech recruiter for multiple successful firms, Tim Ryan knew how to hide his own addiction. Despite making his company millions of dollars and consistently over performing in his role, he was battling an ongoing alcohol and heroin addiction that would ultimately land him in prison. In this riveting session, Tim shares about the hidden addiction that exists in today’s workplace. He helps de-stigmatize the problem and offer solutions so that those who need help can get it, without compromising the health of the organization or individual. Discover:

  • The hidden signs and cost of addiction in the workplace
  • Cutting-edge policies and practices of the best organizations to help combat addiction
  • How to put your own hand up–or guide others–to ask for help
  • 8 tips to be part of the solution

Heroin: It’s not an Epidemic, It’s a Pandemic!

A truly educational keynote, Tim explains who today’s addicts truly are; how they get their hands on heroin, opiates, and other substances; the startling death rates among addicts – young and old alike – and how the “Pandemic of Addiction” can be stopped in our cities, towns, and communities. Woven into Tim’s facts and figures is both his own harrowing story of heroin addiction, incarceration, and losing his own son to an overdose. Contrasting the loss are real-life examples of families and kids he’s helped through his foundation to find a life free of addiction. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

Through this presentation, audience members will:

  • Recognize how the heroin pandemic affects–and requires the help of–an entire community
  • Discover avenues for immediate and sustainable treatment and recovery
  • Learn what is being done to address the pandemic and how to get involved

The Cop & the Convict

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Tim Ryan and Richard Wistocki offer hope in the Cop & the Convict presentation

This keynote is one of a kind and it offers real solutions for parents and community leaders to prevent our nation’s youth from succumbing to the allure of drugs, alcohol and addiction. “The Cop” (Rich Wistocki) teaches how to understand the technology available to young addicts, how they can hide behind technology right under their parents’ noses, how to conduct in-home drug testing, and other preventative measures. “The Convict” (Tim Ryan) explains how the plague of addiction can tear families apart, tear communities apart, and tear the life out of our youth if we don’t address it head on.